Why Elections Matter

Last month our heavily Conservative Supreme Court reversed a 49 year precedent and overturned Roe v. Wade.  During this term, the Supreme Court has ruled to allow individuals in the state of New York to carry guns in public — even though there were local laws forbidding such open carry.  From voting rights to protecting the environment, the Supreme Court is now reversing decades of prior ruling.  Just last week, the Supreme Court limited the ability of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to fight climate change. 

These monumental Court decisions are directly related to how we vote.  President Biden’s first appointed Supreme Court justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has now taken her seat on the court and we look forward to seeing how the first black woman and Miami native, effects future rulings. 

Elections have consequences.  Regardless of your view on these critical issues, each of us has the obligation to cast our ballot and make sure our voices are heard during the upcoming election cycle.  Every race counts.

With most local and state elections won by extremely close margins we urge you all to vote, and ask for your support in encouraging all of your friends, family and neighbors to vote as well. 

For an interesting 2 minute read, please click the link below to see an op-ed published in the Miami Herald by our very own SEIU 1991 Executive Director Martha Baker, RN.


In the coming weeks we will provide you with the key candidates SEIU 1991 and SEIU State Council are endorsing, palm cards and more leading up to Election Day. 

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