Protect SEIU 1991: Stop Florida Senate Bill 256

The Florida Legislature is fast-tracking a bill attacking our constitutional right to be union members. SB 256 – is set to be heard in the Senate’s last committee this Thursday, March 16th. The South Florida Senators who sit on the Senate Fiscal Policy Committee need to hear from you in these next few days!

In this most critical hour, when legislators should instead be focused on solving problems that affect Florida residents, such as the affordable housing crisis and the growing cost of healthcare and homeowners insurance, SB 256 instead creates one more hurdle for Floridians. It is a blatant attack on working people’s rights and an attempt to silence your voice.

Do not allow lawmakers to take away your voice. Do not allow lawmakers to take away your union contract. Do not allow lawmakers to limit your freedom to decide how you will get to pay your union dues and dictate how your union will be run. 

No nurse, or doctor, or healthcare professional has asked for this legislation. We must work together and not allow for this to become law. Call the following Florida Senators today.

  • Ileana Garcia (SD-36) 850-487-5036
  • Alexis Calatayud (SD-38) 850-487-5038
  • Ana Maria Rodriguez (SD-40) 850-487-5040
  • Kathleen Passidomo (SD-28) 850-487-5028

Sample Script:

As a (nurse/doctor/healthcare professional) at JHS and a proud member of SEIU 1991, I am deeply concerned about the future of our state. SB 256 ultimately undermines our role as healthcare workers to join together and use our voices to collectively bargain for a better work environment at JHS. Better working conditions lead to higher quality staff, which lead to a safer hospital for this community and our patients. 

This bill is also a direct attack on educators, sanitation workers, emergency dispatchers and many other employees whose sacrifices keep Florida safe and prosperous.

Please stand up for public sector employees and the principles of the Florida Senate and vote NO on SB 256.

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