Our Historic Contract Makes the Miami Herald Front Page!

Yesterday morning, Tuesday July 11th, The Miami Herald featured a front page story highlighting the success of the SEIU 1991 contract titled, “Jackson’s registered nurses to get hefty raise after staff shortages fueled by pandemic.”

As you should all know by now, our contract was ratified on Thursday, July 6th, by the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners. This was the final step in a three part ratification process.

We are not only proud of this historical pay raise because it represents the fact that there is strength in our unity and power in our numbers, but it also means that these pay raises, along with the contract’s many other landmark achievements, will have a meaningful impact for each of us.

Lisa Bush, RN, who works at Ryder Trauma ICU and who was one of our valued bargaining teammates said, “It makes me feel that the county … and the hospital values me as an experienced caregiver; it values my experience and expertise.”

Martha Baker, RN, executive director of SEIU 1991 and chief negotiator said, “Going forward, the union wants to improve staffing ratios to reduce the number of patients a nurse would care for during their shift. If you have adequate staffing, patients get better faster, and they can get out of the hospital sooner … When you have a safe number of patients per nurse, you can do great care, patients often get better faster, have less complications and get discharged on time or sooner.”

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Continue To Make History with SEIU 1991

• To the over 80% of our members who have already recommitted:

Your last paycheck in July (7/27 or 7/28 depending on your banking institution) will be the FIRST paycheck union dues will NOT be deducted by JHS. However, your union membership will remain active, and your Stripe or Square payment will begin in conjunction with this pay period. 

• To all of our members who have not yet recommitted to SEIU 1991:

Your last paycheck in July (7/27 or 7/28 depending on your banking institution) will be the FIRST paycheck union dues will NOT be deducted by JHS. This means you will no longer be an SEIU 1991 member in good standing.

Our most recent contract is an enormous victory! Together we have achieved history at JHS. We could not have done this without each one of our SEIU 1991 members. 

Please do not hesitate to invest in yourself, your family, and your career. Make sure you recommit before July 27th and continue to allow for us to keep pushing for JHS nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals to negotiate for the pay and benefits that we deserve! 

Please scan the QR code below to recommit to SEIU 1991 today, if you have not done so already. You may also do so by clicking here.

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