Important Notice Regarding Your Paychecks and Pay Raises

Please note that we are currently in a disagreement with management regarding the implementation language of a few important items in our new contract.

The across the board 8% COLA / market adjustment for all RNs and PROS is NOT in question, as well as the additional 1% market adjustment for: CSN/ ANM/ NM/ NE and Vascular Access. These raises WILL be reflected in your next paycheck.

Our SEIU 1991 leadership, bargaining team, and legal counsel, firmly believe our newly ratified contract reads that all raises, market adjustments, step progressions and other important increases, should take effect immediately following ratification UNLESS a different date is specifically listed.

As we work to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, we need to make you aware that the July 28th paychecks which were set to reflect ALL contract increases will not reflect the specific increases currently in question. 

Please check the following list to see if one of your additional raises from changes to steps and step progression may be affected: 

  • 4.2% step increase for all PT / FT at BHH and BH at Jackson South. (RNs and PROS)
  • 4.2% step increase for all CRNAs. (RNs)
  • Music Therapists move to Child Life Pay Scale – (Approximately $3/hr. increase) (PROS)
  •  MED TECH I and II; (PROS)

— Add step 17 to the top; Step 1 – 10 become annual; Step 11 – 15 become 2 years.


— 4.2% step increase. Additional step at top. 

— $5/hr. differential to all hours paid. (counts toward OT pay and is pensionable.) (PA NEURO)

— $10/hr. differential to all hours paid. (counts toward OT pay and is pensionable.) (PA CT)

  •  Manager Quality, (PROS) – Step 4 becomes step 1. (Equal to a 12.6% increase.)

We will fight hard to have this resolved as quickly as possible. We are working diligently to have your increases effective by the first pay period in August, PLUS retroactive pay from your July paychecks.

We strongly believe this will be resolved in our favor, as the second paragraph in our contract’s preamble states,“All new or amended provisions contained in this Agreement shall be effective the beginning of the first pay period immediately following final ratification and approval by the Board of County Commissioners, unless a different effective date is specifically provided for in the affected article.”

We thank all of our members for their patience and support and will keep you updated with any new information.

Congratulations on your raises!

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