10 DAYS LEFT to Remain a SEIU 1991 Member in Good Standing!

You will soon notice that dues are no longer being deducted directly from our Jackson Health System paychecks beginning this upcoming pay period.

For the over 80% of our members who have already recommitted, beginning on July 28th, your union dues payments will begin to be processed from the credit/debit card you entered, or deducted from the bank account you provided when you signed up on the new member portal.

Normally, these charges will appear on payday — the same day that your JHS paycheck is deposited. In the event of a processing delay, they may be deducted the following Monday.

Please be aware that your July 28th paycheck will also be the first paycheck to reflect most of our contract raises. 

The July 28th paycheck will include:

  • Across the board 8% COLA/ market adjustment for all RNs and PROS 
  • Additional 1% market adjustment for: CSN/ ANM/ NM/ NE and Vascular Access

We are currently in a disagreement with management regarding a few other important raises that we believe are supposed to be included in this paycheck. Management believes these raises are not to take effect until October. As we work to resolve this, we will keep you informed of any new developments. Please click here to view the specific pay increases affected.

To our members who have not yet recommitted:

You will NO LONGER be an SEIU 1991 member in good standing effective in 10 DAYS!

Do not be left behind!

The only way we continue to make progress is by each and every one of us standing together!

Please scan the QR code below to recommit to SEIU 1991 today, if you have not done so already. You may also do so by clicking here.

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