Our community and our patients need a strategic, sustainable plan to save Jackson! What about new revenue ideas? What about accountability for UM? What about a primary care strategy? Why are there still efficiency ideas that haven’t implemented yet? Jackson’s nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals gave back $106 million last year, setting us back toContinue reading “WHO IS WATCHING OUT FOR OUR PATIENTS?”

Commissioner Javier Souto: “There’s Always Going to Be People Trying to Get Control of Jackson.”

At the June 14th Public Safety & Healthcare Administration committee meeting, Hospital Governance Task Force (HGT) Chairman Juan Zapata presented the final report of the task force, which is comprised of CEOs of most of Jackson’s competitors in the South Florida marketplace and President Martha Baker, RN. Baker attached a dissenting opinion to the HGT reportContinue reading “Commissioner Javier Souto: “There’s Always Going to Be People Trying to Get Control of Jackson.””

Economist Conducts Independent Study on Jackson’s Governance

Economist J. Antonio Villamil, a former U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs, presented a research report on governance options for Jackson Health System. “There is no governance structure that directly determines the effectiveness of a healthy system,” according to his report. “There can be no rush to judgment when implementing changes to best assure Jackson’s survival and long-term viability.”

Hundreds Attend Our Hands Around Jackson Event

On Friday, May 6th, Jackson employees, community leaders and residents converged on Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Alamo Park to hold hands and form a circle of solidarity around our public hospital during our “Hands Around Jackson” event. Thanks to all of our members who came out for this memorable event! Check out pictures from our event!

Jackson’s Future Discussed at Save Jackson Community Summit

Mayoral and commission candidates along with community leaders spoke about the future of Jackson Health System at Miami Dade Medical College during our Save Jackson Community Summit on Wednesday, April 27th. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS FROM OUR EVENT! Carlos Giminez, Julio Robaina, Luther “Luke” Campbell, Marcos Llorente, Rep. Julio Robaina and Dr. MarkContinue reading “Jackson’s Future Discussed at Save Jackson Community Summit”

An Exciting New Proposal to Turnaround Jackson

Dear Members: I am excited to announce that an innovative and achievable new proposal to turnaround Jackson and finally address our public hospital’s ongoing financial woes has been presented to the Public Health Trust and Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners. The Sibery Group, who has spent nearly a year working alongside Jackson’s medical staff, patientsContinue reading “An Exciting New Proposal to Turnaround Jackson”