Victory on Saving 40-Hour Work Week

Our union has reached a win-win settlement of our arbitration on maintaining the option for full-time RNs to work 12 ½ hour shifts three days one week and four shifts the next OR three shifts and three shifts, with mutual agreement.

The settlement reached clarifies a key and coveted provision in our contract (Art. X, Sec. 1) – the guaranteed 40-hour work week. Full-time RNs will be given the opportunity to choose the 3-4, or with mutual agreement with management, the 3-3 schedule and will not be forced to move from one to the other when they transfer, are reassigned, bumped or any other reason.

Management also agreed to allow newly hired full-time RNs to choose the 3-3 or 3-4 schedule.

Thanks to President Martha Baker, RN and our union leadership for achieving this successful resolution. This settlement puts to rest a long-standing grievance!

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