Local 1991 Members Join Hundreds of Nurses at SEIU Nurse Alliance Conference

A team of JHS RN’s and other healthcare professionals shared their knowledge, expertise and union pride at the Nurse Alliance of SEIU Leadership Conference in National Harbor, Maryland.  The three day event included plenaries and a variety of workshops.  SEIU Local 1991 President Martha Baker, RN, gave a presentation about the union’s Labor Management Partnership with Jackson Health System—considered a model to follow in the healthcare industry.   “Jackson and SEIU’s vision is to change the culture of the organization through the labor management partnership to best provide quality, affordable and accessible patient centered care,” Baker explained while sharing a PowerPoint presentation with an audience of nurses from around the country who participated in the conference.

Nurse Alliance Conference 10-26-17
SEIU Local 1991 President Martha Baker, RN, gives a presentation at the 2017 Nurse Alliance conference.

Local 1991 Vice President Vicki Gonzalez, RN, shared her knowledge about ongoing efforts to improve safe patient handling at Jackson Hospital during her presentation.  Gonzalez leads a Unit Based Team (UBT) that is working to reduce staff injury and length of stay for patients.

Local 1991 members also made their voices heard on Capitol Hill.  They met with a legislative aide for Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.  During the meeting, they called on the Senator to fight a GOP plan to drastically cut Medicaid.

Nurse Alliance Conference 10-26-17.jpg 4jpg, Lobbying in DC with Sen. Nelson aide
Local 1991 members at U.S. Senator Bill Nelson’s DC office
Nurse Alliance Conference 10-26-17.jpg 3
SEIU Local 1991 President Martha Baker, RN and members in Washington DC

Local 1991 members also raised money for the American Cancer Society in honor of Liz Royal, a good friend who is the Coordinator of the Nurse Alliance who is battling breast cancer.

Nurse Alliance SEIU Conference, Fundraiser for Liz
Members raise money for the American Cancer Society
Nurse Alliance Conference, Shelly and MKH, 10-27-17
SEIU President Mary Kay Henry and SEIU Local 1991 Organizer/Representative Shelly Pagan-Jones, RN