Trauma Center Nurse Manager Fights for Staffing

Carla Quigley, RN, ASN, MS, CCRN, spent 18 years at Jackson before she fully understood a basic truth about the public hospital — it’s incredibly complicated and difficult to change. Quigley, who has spent more than seven years as either nurse manager or associate nurse manger at Ryder Trauma Center, learned that lesson when she spentContinue reading “Trauma Center Nurse Manager Fights for Staffing”

Steward Stories – Donna Bent

Donna Bent, RN, is a critical care nurse in the ICU at Jackson North and one of the strongest steward leaders in the facility. The London-born nurse has worked at Jackson since 1998. She began at JMH, but became really active with Local 1991 when she transferred to Jackson North in 2006. “Staffing was horrendous,”Continue reading “Steward Stories – Donna Bent”

Steward Stories – Stephanie Ellis

Stephanie Ellis, MSW, is a community health counselor at  Jackson North Community Mental Health Center. Ellis previously worked at Barry University and Miami Bridge. When she came to Jackson more than ten years ago, she joined Local 1991 in orientation due to some good advice from her mother, who spent 30 years as a clerkContinue reading “Steward Stories – Stephanie Ellis”