Information Regarding Furloughs

To clarify the agreement that was reached with management regarding furloughs, the following is actual language in the Memorandum of Understanding that was reached between SEIU Local 1991 and Jackson Health System: ·     Management has announced its intention to furlough employees for two (2) eight (8) hour shifts during the month of February 2012 whereContinue reading “Information Regarding Furloughs”

Jackson changes absentee policy, union takes legal action

Today, management issued a revised absenteeism policy without bargaining with the union. We immediately notified management and demanded that they bargain over any changes to the policy. Despite Carlos Migoya’s and Ric Cuming’s irresponsible actions and indefensible remarks regarding the furloughs, let’s continue to take great care of our patients to the best of ourContinue reading “Jackson changes absentee policy, union takes legal action”

Sign the “DO NO HARM” petition that we are presenting to Carlos Migoya!

On Thursday, we will be presenting a petition to CEO Carlos Migoya, urging him to uphold our most sacred value in medicine: to protect our patients and never cause them harm. Migoya’s mishandling of the furlough issue has put an incredible strain on us and has affected service at Jackson. Our patients deserve better! Print out the petition, sign it and encourage members in your unit to do the same!

Maybe Migoya Should Stay Home!

Millionaire Banker Carlos Migoya has it all: Smart, well-connected, very rich … In fact, he is now the highest paid public official in Miami-Dade County, with an annual salary of more than $600,000. But this banker — appointed through community connections and back door chats — is running our public hospital into the ground. Migoya has no prior experience in managing a hospital, yet he is in charge of Jackson Health System, Miami’s Medical Miracle.