Information Regarding Furloughs

To clarify the agreement that was reached with management regarding furloughs, the following is actual language in the Memorandum of Understanding that was reached between SEIU Local 1991 and Jackson Health System:

·     Management has announced its intention to furlough employees for two (2) eight (8) hour shifts during the month of February 2012 where census allows. With regard to any such furlough hours imposed on bargaining unit members during the month of February 2012, the parties agree that upon ratification of the 2011·2014 Collective Bargaining Agreements, bargaining unit members who are furloughed during February 2012 shall have the right to buy-back the second eight (8) hours of furlough by utilizing eight (8) hours of their PL Time (an employee who upon ratification of the CBAs has already been furloughed for two eight (8) hour shifts in February may be paid for the second eight (8) hour shift with their PL Time, while an employee who has not yet been furloughed for a second shift shall be entitled to work that day and forfeit eight (8) hours of their PL Time, at the employee’s option). Nothing in this Agreement is intended to force the forfeiture of 8 hours of PL time by any employee, including any employee who would not otherwise have been furloughed due to census.

·     Additionally, the parties agree that. no employee shall be furloughed for more than sixty-four (64) total hours from November 2011 through February 2012. Any bargaining unit  member furloughed for more than sixty-four (64) hours shall have the option of being paid with his or her PL time for all hours furloughed above sixty-four (64).

If you have any other questions, please contact your union representative, bargaining team representative or steward