Why Is Carlos Migoya Out to Destroy Jackson?

The conspiracy to rip apart our public hospital has spread to the executive offices at Jackson.


He is ignoring what’s best for patient care.
He is ignoring employee contracts.
He couldn’t care less about employee morale or retaining our excellent caregivers.
Instead, he is inflicting illegal furloughs! WHY? Migoya is wreaking havoc on Jackson instead of fixing our public jewel:

· Why haven’t clinics been opened?

· Why are wait times increasing instead of decreasing?

· Why are Jackson’s services moving across the street to UM?

· Why haven’t needed efficiencies been implemented?

We have filed a grievance on the furloughs. They violate numerous articles of our contract. The process will take a few months before an arbitrator’s decision is rendered.

In the meantime, please stay informed and be sure to come to our next bargaining session!

RNs and Professionals
Bargaining with Management

Thursday, Jan. 26th at 10 a.m, DTC 270