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2020-2023 Contract

During ratification, all three contracts are submitted for approval by our members, the Public Health Trust and the Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners.  Click the following links to view the full contract.

SEIU Attending Physicians CBA 2020-2023 – Final version

SEIU Professionals CBA 2020-2023 – Final version

SEIU RN CBA 2020- 2023 – Final Version

2020-2023 RN Contract – Redlined version

2020-2023 Professionals Contract – Redlined version

2020-2023 Attending Physicians Contract – Redlined version

2017-2020 Contract

Your contract has been ratified!  All three contracts have been approved by our members, the Public Health Trust and the Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners.  Click the following links to view the full contract.

2017-2020 Full Contract, RNs

2017-2020 Full Contract, Professionals

2017-2020 Full Contract, Attending

These are strong contracts that include pay raises for everyone, no increases to Jackson First and very affordable premiums for the other insurance plans during the life of the agreement and a variety of contract enhancements.  The financial gains are noteworthy especially when you consider the county is offering no Cost of Living Adjustment or (COLA).  Despite this challenge, your Bargaining Team was able to secure pay increases in one of three ways: market adjustments that range from 3% to double digits for certain job classes,  added steps at the top for other job classes or a 2% adjustment to base for all other job classes that do not receive either a market adjustment or steps at top.  There is a make up step for 291 employees who missed two steps during the recession, were hired prior to 2010 and have remained in the same job classification.  Staff Nurse per diem rates will jump up to $37/$40 per hour which will be paid retroactively to October 1, 2106.  We also won time and half for professional per diems who work holidays—same as RNs.  Charge pay will increase to $2.50 per hour and a new premium pay of $5 per hour for times of emergent nurse staffing as determined by management will be implemented upon ratification.  These are just a few of the reasons why this contract will benefit you and your family.  For more information, check out the summary below or read the full contract on our website.

Financial Victories

Higher pay, as usual, ranked as a top issue among members who completed the survey.  The Bargaining Team made this issue a priority and found creative ways to put more money in everyone’s pocket.

Here’s a list of the financial gains we won!

  • Market Adjustments ranging from 3% to double digit increases that will take effect immediately for job classifications including: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech, Med Techs, Social Work, Hospital Pharmacy Managers, multiple IT job classifications, and others.
  • Additional steps added on to the high end of the pay scales for CPPs & CHPs, Nurse Managers, Child Life & Music Therapy, CMH Counselors, ARNPs, Midwives and Physician Assistants.
  • A 2% base increase to all job classifications not affected by market adjustments or steps that will happen on September 30 2018. 
  • A 4.2% “make up step” for employees who missed two steps during the frozen period and have remained in the same job classification since January 1, 2010.
  • A new premium pay of $5/hour for times of emergent nurse staffing needs for picking up additional shifts.
  • A raise in the Charge pay rate to $2.50/hr.; Professionals have access to $1.25/hr. preceptor pay.
  • Staff Nurse Per Diem rate increases to $37/$40 that will retro back to October 1, 2016.
  • New language that will allow seasoned Jackson Nurses to work per diem shifts at their hourly rate (if greater than the per diem rate for the classification).
  • Time and a half for professional per diems who work holidays.
  • Mileage reimbursement for those who must travel or float to other facilities while on the clock.
  • COLA reopener for the third year of the contract.
Insurance and Wellness

You’ll still have several high quality and affordable health insurance plans.  No changes for Jackson First.  ,  but skyrocketing healthcare costs prompted the need for nominal increases for some plans.  However the Bargaining Team was able to keep the premium increases  low and extend the HMO High/Standard option for another year.  A new Wellness Program will reward you for adopting healthy habits.

  • All four insurance plans will remain in place for the next year and then HMO High will be phased out. Jackson First will see no premium increases throughout the life of the contract.  The other plans will go up 5% in January 2019 and January 2020 respectively.
  • A new wellness program has been created that will financially incentivize healthy living (no penalties).
Contract Enhancements

Everyone got something in this contract, including part-time and per diem workers who will benefit from new conversion language.  There are other enhancements that will help protect members and give professionals more release time.

  • Conversion to full-time language for part-timers and per diems who work full-time or part-time hours for 6 months continuously.
  • Enhanced language on promotions, demotions and laterals that ensure fairness.
  • Inclusion of absenteeism and tardiness into the contract to ensure it cannot be unilaterally changed moving forward.
  • Enhanced language on “pattern” & “occurrence” to ensure fairness and uniformity.
  • Inclusion of the cell phone policy into the contract to ensure uniformity and fairness.
  • Enhanced dues deduction language to protect the union from potential law changes.
  • More release time for Professionals
  • Clarification of the time off process for Christmas and New Years.
  • Better on-call language for salaried employees.
PL and Extended Illness

We were able to fight back against Management’s push for extensive changes to vacation and pl practices.  As a result, there will be only a few changes.

  • Status Quo for current employees with extended illness.  New hires will no longer be eligible to cash out extended illness upon separation from Jackson.
  • PL accrual remains status quo.  Cash out maximums altered slightly to 80 hours max for those under 10 years and 120 hours for those over 10 years.
  • PL cash out can now be done in June and December instead of once a year.
  • Elimination of the Holiday AD day, and this money converted to pay increases for all.
  • Committee formed to monitor PL denials.  We want everyone to be able to use their PL time when requested.
Corrective Action Process
  • A new stream-lined discipline process that eliminates the 48 hour notice and presentation and speeds up the process.
  • Ability to use PL during suspensions
  • Agreement to phase in a “just culture” model that focuses on systemic problems and coaching rather than discipline for process errors.

2014-2017 Contract

In late 2014, three-year contracts for nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals were negotiated , signed and approved. The ground-breaking contracts –  hammered out over several months – ended a wage freeze that began in 2010 and established  a unique partnership between employees and management to continue providing quality healthcare delivery across the system.
Contract highlights include:
·         A labor-management partnership giving the union a seat at the table in decisions about how to most effectively deliver high quality health care at Jackson
·         Continuation of a previous agreement not to outsource emergency department services at Jackson Memorial Hospital and protecting the ER jobs of physicians, physician assistants, and advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs) throughout the system
·         Mandated nurse-to-patient staffing ratios to ensure the highest quality patient experience
·         Establishment of a “Jackson First” health plan option that will make coverage more affordable for employees with families, while also encouraging employees to use Jackson  services and facilities
·         Creation of a new salary step schedule and an immediate 2 percent one-time payment to employees – together, these create a compensation plan to help attract and retain world-class caregivers while still protecting Jackson’s long-term sustainability and growth plans.

Thanks to members of our bargaining team for all of their hard work to ensure that we secured a contract that was best for our membership! New contract booklets will be available soon.







COLA and Insurance Agreement