Bargaining Begins For Our 2011-2014 Contract

Martha Baker, RN

Bargaining is about to begin on our 2011-2014 contract. With the unparalleled changes that are occurring simultaneously in the Jackson management, the PHT governing board, the Board of County Commissioners, and the County Mayor…not to mention recent legislative changes that affect our system, this is going to be a contract negotiation like none other.

Carlos Migoya and the new PHT Recovery Board have indicated that negotiating our contracts is their number one priority. We must get organized quickly to begin bargaining a contract that will SAVE JACKSON in a responsible and sustainable way…NOT by driving away the healthcare givers that have made Jackson what it is!

Bargaining Team nominations will be taken and elections conducted over the next few weeks. Bargaining Teams that are representative of our membership throughout the Jackson Health System will be elected for each bargaining unit (RNs, Professionals and Attending Physicians).

Nominations will be taken from May 23 through May 27 and elections will be held June 1 through June 8.

For more information on the selection process, nomination forms, or voting locations, click on the links below. This information will also be posted on union bulletin board throughout the system. Staff union representatives and Union Stewards can also be contacted for this information.

I truly appreciate your interest and involvement in the Bargaining Team selection process. It is important that we have a Bargaining Team made up of strong and dedicated co-workers who will represent you well during these extremely challenging times.

In Unity,

Martha Baker, RN
President, SEIU Local 1991

Bargaining Team Nomination Form
Bargaining Team Job Responsibilities
Bargaining Team Election Process – RNs
Bargaining Team Election Process – Professionals
Bargaining Team Election Process – Attending Physicians

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