Police Officers and Fire Rescue Join Our Fight to Keep Jackson’s ER Public!

Police and firefighters held a press conference on Wednesday, Sept. 12th, outside Ryder Trauma Center to oppose plans to privatize Jackson’s Emergency Room services and Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center. “We don’t serve bankers, we don’t serve lobbyists, we serve patients,” City of Miami firefighter Troy Sutton said. “Don’t allow big money to privatize our public hospital or patients will suffer.”

Members Fight for a Rai$e in the Minimum Wage at Bayfront Park

On Tuesday, July 24th, Local 1991 members joined other labor organizations for a rally to raise the minimum wage at Bayfront Park. Did you know that the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 (Florida’s is $7.67)? If our politicians did their job and raised the wage with inflation, it would be $10.55.  That would putContinue reading “Members Fight for a Rai$e in the Minimum Wage at Bayfront Park”

SEIU Local 1991 Joins Other Organizations to Celebrate Historic U.S. Supreme Court Decision

On Friday, June 29th, Local 1991 joined other organizations for a press conference to respond to the landmark US Supreme Court ruling that upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the sweeping national health reform legislation that has improved the lives of millions, including our patients at Jackson Health System.

Community Leaders Unite to Save Our Jackson

Community leaders and residents converged on Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Alamo Park on May 1st to come together in support of “Our Jackson.” Religious leaders, elected officials, community organizers, patients and residents came to Jackson to protest the 1,100 layoffs taking affect this week that will undoubtedly impact patient care and services. A variety of speakersContinue reading “Community Leaders Unite to Save Our Jackson”